4 Essential items for a successful trade show activation

4 Essential items for a successful trade show activation

Getting noticed by potential clientèle or attendees at a trade show event can be a very hard thing to achieve and is essential for success. Your organizations booth is competing with dozens of different exhibitors, who are trying just as hard as you to gain your attention. At an event, where multiple exhibitors are competing for sales in products, services or merchandise, it can be very easy to be over looked. Especially if a trade show booth is very prominent.


1. Media players and audio and visual units.

One solution for this is to grab attention with 1 or more media players or audio visual units. Such items can be large screen, high definition TVs, laptop computers, desktop computers or iPads. These can display looped informational videos about the company or product you are exhibiting, interactive presentations (such as sideshows on iPads) or computer demonstrations.

Have a impactful media item playing on a TV or computer screen and attendees may just stop and check your product out – and that’s when your informed booth staff come into play, to try to make a sale. They can begin by discussion what you as the attendee see in the TV or laptop, and if they gain your interest by describing what your business or service can do, then you may just gain a new client.

2. Impactful, seamless graphics.

Another great solution to gaining interest for the company trade show booth is via the use of cleverly designed, engaging graphics on the inside and outside of the activation. Bold fonts, ingenious use of typography and branding coupled with patterns or background imagery can grab attendees attention and encourage them to take a look at what service your company offers and how it can benefit them.

Combine graphics with the clever use of substrates such as colored plexi glass, vinyl decals and sintra; can make a simple booth become a unique, stand out activation at a trade show event. Layering plexi glass, die cutting sintra, using led lighting behind plexi glass or sintra, incorporating various thicknesses of substrates and adding directional floor decals are just some of the unique ways that substrates can be used to make an amazing trade show booth.

3. Over head and back lit lighting.

Use of Lighting on a trade show booth can enhance the overall look and feel of a trade show booth. By selectively lighting areas with important graphics, you are drawing attention to these areas and there important messages. Combining lighting with graphics can also enhance areas of the booth, by using such methods as placing led lighting behind sintra and plexi, or adding led lighting to 3d sign age, to create a glowing effect.

Led lighting can also be combined with media players and TV’s, further enhancing these items. Correct use of lighting can also be used to enhance a counter desk, to make a other wise simple booth, into an amazing exhibit. This method can also be applied to columns with fabric or any other printed substrate.

4. Uniquely designed, open seating areas and meeting spaces.

Having an open, inclusive seating area in your trade show event can encourage attendees to stop and take the time to check out what your business is selling. These seating areas can have a unique twist on them, with desks and counter tops designed in with the use of different materials such as high gloss or Matt laminated wood. These can also be cut into various shapes, to achieve curved counters or to place embedded touch screens into tables for interactivity. Comfortable and unique seating areas can also play a big part in drawing the attention of attendees to meet with booth staff.

Privacy at major trade show events is also an important aspect of the events, and taking the consideration to design a booth with a meeting area can develop leads and relationships for future business. The meeting area can also have creative aspects, such as frosted plexi glass panels, custom designed desks and chairs, or decals.

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