The importance of a well taught out trade show booth.

a view of the reception area for BMO's Global Metal nad Mining activation

So the company you work for has decided that they want to promote its service/product at a upcoming
trade show event! What now?

Here are some must do steps for setting up a successful trade show activation.

1 – An on site visit of the trade show exhibit hall.

It is important to know just exactly what you are dealing with when it comes to setting up a trade show activation. This includes the size of the area you are allowed to work with, any overhead objects such as lighting and ventilation, the size and composition of any booths/structural pillars adjacent from your activation.

To determine the area and space a trade show activation has to work with, it is always essential to attend a on site visit of the area you are working with. This will give the designers/customer service staff an idea of the look and feel of the area you’re client has to work with. Advantages for completing an on site visit to a trade show floor or event space include accessing lighting, will the walk through space be comfortable for the client, and finally aesthetic concerns such as placement of plants and furniture etc.

2 – Accurate, detailed, computer generated renderings.

Giving the client an overall view of what there booth will look like is paramount, as not only will it will allow the client to get to see there trade show booth rendered in 3D, from different angles, it also allows for changes to be made, such as changes to graphics, changes to the placement of various furniture and desks, and/or changes to lighting and audio/visual set up.

Once the 3D renderings are approved by the client, the renderings can be used by the installers to determine how the trade show booth will look, so they can ensure that all graphics are accounted for and that the placement of counters, TVs, A/V units, storage and lighting is correct.

3 – An initial set up prior to the trade show event.

Setting up the trade show booth before the actual event is a great way to determine any problems that can be fixed prior to the actual trade show event. These include counter and storage unit including cabinet re-sizing and adjustments, led and overhead lighting placement, and the positioning of audio-visual units including T.Vs .

A prior set up also ensures that the correct materials and the correct amount of said materials are transported to the venue where the trade show event will be held at. This will also help determine how many installers are needed for setting up the trade show event. For clients who are exhibiting in multiple trade show venues, have done the prior set up also helps account for what graphics are needed, and how many need to be reprinted for each venue.

These are just a few of the steps to consider for setting up a successful trade show activation. There are many issues that appear before an activation is finally set up at its venue.
Each activation brings its own challenges are requirements, some of them can be foreseen, some of them can’t. The best way is to always be prepared and ready for any eventuality.

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