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We specialize in creating booths that go beyond merely representing your brand—they captivate and engage your target audience. Whether incorporating cutting-edge interactive technology or meticulously crafting custom design elements, our team ensures that each detail contributes to a compelling and memorable presence.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality, we skillfully address challenges to construct a booth that stands out amidst the vibrant tradeshow landscape.

Empowering Your Events

Pro-X Event is the expert at creating amazing displays and custom booths, each one more unique then the last. From custom counters and laminated storage, to 3d signage and furniture, we can design and build unique activations that will capture your clients attention at any trade-show.

Corporate Event Customization:
Tailored services exclusively for corporate events, ensuring a professional atmosphere that aligns with company branding and ethos. Our team works closely with venue staff to customize the space, creating a unique and cohesive environment for each event.
Venue Personalization Collaboration:
Collaborative efforts with venue managers to transform spaces, taking advantage of the venue's unique features to enhance the event experience. Our goal is to create a seamless integration of the event theme with the venue’s aesthetics
Logistical Convenience:
Providing comprehensive shipping and storage solutions for recurring events, offering ease and reliability. Our services ensure your equipment and materials are safe and ready for annual use, reducing the hassle in event logistics.
Immersive Branding:
Creating immersive branding experiences with floor decals, wall surrounds, and custom-designed desks and kiosks. Our creative team also specializes in wayfinding visuals and vinyl prints for windows and elevators to enhance the visual journey of attendees.
Integrated Audio-Visual Excellence:
Our AV division works hand-in-hand with event planners to deliver top-notch sound, lighting, and stage setups. We ensure that every technical aspect is addressed, resulting in flawless execution of your event’s audio-visual needs.
Staging and Presentation Design:
Expertly designed staging for speaker panels, keynotes, and entertainment, crafted to foster engagement and deliver powerful presentations. Our stages are built to be the focal point of your event, ensuring that every word and performance is delivered with impact.

20 Years of Industry Experience

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Share your vision, provide details about the show you are attending, and allow us to tailor a design that perfectly suits your brand and event objectives. With our expertise, we aim to bring your ideas to life and ensure a standout presence at your upcoming event.

Our designs have been featured on Tradefest.

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